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Intro + Sketch

Good Morning:

I'm new around these parts, so I guess a brief introduction is in order.
I'm Beth. I'm 22 and I'm from Houston. I enjoy drawing and I enjoy the sick, sad irony that is my so called life.
On the brighter side, I have finally started doodling out my life in slices.
Oh, I'm a lesbian so I guess you can deal with that on your own terms.

Anyway, I'm not too good an artist so you might have to deal with some pretty sketchy art here and there. But I'm developing myself.

Now onto the story! I only have 2 pages up but I am doing one page a day.
This story is about my life. A bit of history, if you will:

1104: Backstory
In 2005 I met a girl, Colleen, and she and I blossomed into a quasi-relationship. She helped me come out and spoon-fed me gay culture. She is a very out and proud girl and I admired dedication. She smashed my heart, yadda yadda yadda, I moved on and she entered a 2-year relationship with an abusive/oppressive girl. We had unresolved feeling for one another, but the timing was off. Finally, last Thanksgiving we synced back up and started dating. Magic...fireworks...all that jazz. This past March, Colleen confesses to me that she has 'feelings' for a man from Rhode Island and wishes to pursue her suppressed bisexual urges.

That is the quickie version that brings you up to date.

1104 -
*cursive 1: mutual silence is worse than saying what you're thinking
*cursive 2: until the silence is broken with a lie. forgive me.

1104 -
-why do we continue to fuck?
-we both know it only makes things more complicated
-she's so perfect
-maybe it will all work itself out
-maybe it won't.
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